Party Platters


All party platter orders include compostable utensils and paper products (as necessary), along with delivery and pick-up.

Minimum combined order: 100.00



Garden Medley
Fresh garden vegetables accompanied by our house-made ranch style dressing
S 29 M 49 L 59

Fresh Fruit Platter
A seasonal medley of fresh, sliced fruit
S 49 M 59 L 69

Classic Cheese Platter
Smoked Gouda, cheddar, dill havarti, hot pepper jack, smoked cheddar, and brie with grapes & dates and served with sliced baguettes & crackers
S 59 M 79 L 89

Gourmet Cheese Platter
Assorted imported cheeses (varying monthly) always including goat cheese, manchego, and French brie with grapes & walnuts and served with sliced baguettes & crackers
S 75 M 95 L 105

Fruit & Cheese Nibbler
Combination of our popular fresh fruit platter and domestic cheese platter
S 59 M 69 L 79

Fiesta Platter
Refried beans, sour cream, shredded cheddar, avocado, diced tomatoes, and mild green chilies layered on a soft flour tortilla, rolled, sliced, and topped off with jalapeños
S 49 M 59 L 69

Mediterranean Platter
Hummus, dolmas, olives, tabouli, grilled pickled eggplant, roasted red peppers, pickled turnips, and feta cheese served with pita crisps
M 59 L 69



Antipasto Platter
Salame, mortadella, giardiniera, roasted red peppers, marinated artichokes, fresh mozzarella, grilled pickled eggplant, olives, grilled zucchini, and cherry tomatoes
M 69 L 89

Hye Rollers
A platter of bite sized-sliced pinwheels on soft cracker bread layered with oven roast turkey, cheddar cheese, spinach, tomato, avocado, cream cheese and our house-made garlic pesto spread
S 49 M 59 L 69

Mini Finger Sandwiches
A variety of sandwiches including turkey, ham, tuna salad, egg salad, and chicken salad, on an assortment of sliced wheat and white bread
S 24 M 39 L 49

Mini Croissant Platter
A variety of sandwiches including turkey/cheddar, ham/Swiss, tuna salad, and chicken salad on fresh baked mini croissants
S 29 M 59 L 69

Tidbit Temptations
Oven roasted turkey, smoked ham, and Italian salame, with pepper jack, cheddar, and provolone cheeses served in bite sized pieces
M 59 L 69

Hearty Combo Platter
Turkey, ham, and mortadella, & salame, with cheddar and Swiss cheeses beautifully arranged and garnished with peperoncini & black olives
M 59 L 85
Add dinner rolls, relish tray, & condiments for 2.95 per person



Lox Platters
Smoked salmon, cucumbers, red onions, tomatoes, and capers
S (10-14) 59 M (16-20) 79 L (20-24) 109
Add bagels & cream cheese packets for 2.50 per person

Sushi Platter
California sushi rolls served with wasabi, pickled ginger, & soy scallion sauce
S 49 M 69 L 89

King Of The Sea
Chilled jumbo prawns served with sliced lemons and accompanied by a tangy cocktail sauce
S 59 M 89 L 119